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score: 7/10

what I liked:

• I really like the drum pattern in the beginning, and the marimba that goes with it, sounds a lot like Mura Masa
• 1:30 the reversed guitar is a good idea, but not sure that it was executed to full potential
• 2:34 this delayed drop is very effective
• I like the variety of drums you used

what I think could be improved:

• might be the timing of certain notes, but for some reason I feel like this track is overall a little "messy"
• 0:24 the fast-plucked synth sounds a little dull, I think adding more resonance would help it come to life more
• the drop had more potential, I feel like it didn't hit as hard as I expected
• maybe use brighter pads, use more sidechaining, louder drums?
• the transition at 1:17 was a little rough, especially switching between different speeds of subdivisions, and the change in main instrument
• 1:52 this cutout of instruments was also a little awkward, as if someone playing this live made a mistake
• the marimba feels super close in the stereo space, and everything else is far away, and that kind of detaches the marimba from the rest of the music
• overall, the sound is missing a little bit of life, I would suggested adding an exciter and/or more reverb to the entire track

great job, this is definitely one of the more unique tracks I've heard!

score: 7.5/10

what I liked:

• clean A section, sounds very professional
• I like the switch in style at 3:14
• good idea to modulate at 3:43, though it's also the same as the first drop, it's not as redundant as the 2nd drop is because of the new key
• interesting way to end lol (in a good way)

what I think could be improved:

• because you more or less used the same instruments for the "drop" as you used in the A section, the drop wasn't as impactful as I expected
• the second drop is basically an exact copy of the first, and I think a better choice would've been to just remove the second buildup and drop completely (1:24 - 2:19)
• not a fan of the harmony/dissonance around 2:30, but maybe just personal preference
• 3:26: this little riff is cool! I would've liked it to be louder

beyond the critique I mentioned, this is very well produced and an enjoyable listen overall, great work!

score: 7.5/10

what I liked:

• I like the chaos and constant energy that somehow isn't too tiring
• I like the constant recurrence of the half-step pair motif
• overall pretty well produced
• I like the occasional sound effects you add in, helps add to the chaos
• the 3:26 guitar solo is really cool, but I think a little reverb on it would've made it sound more distant and ominous (which I think would match well with the overall piece)
• I like how the last note transforms into a large foghorn sort of sound, cool way to end the piece

what I think could be improved:

• I couldn't really sense any development throughout the piece, it was sort of more or less just "flat" in a sense
• because of that, I feel like this piece is a little too long for my liking, because it didn't really lead anywhere

this would make a cool soundtrack for an action sequence in a film, I like the overall picture you painted with the sounds, good work!

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Thank you for your review!

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